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  • Presale Inspection

  • Multi-Family Inspection

  • Residential inspection

    (Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Landlords)

  • Commercial Inspection

  • New Construction

High Quality Standards. Expertise You Can Count On.


Every Inspection is different,  every client is unique,  every property has its challenges. Hire the expertise and experience of Inspection Monkey to provide you with the knowledge and information needed so you can make an informed decision based on the FACTS and INFORMATION provided in an easy to understand detailed report



 Competent & Qualified

We at Inspection Monkey continually evolve our business to keep up with todays technology. Every situation is different and once identified we use some of the following instruments during any given Inspection:

- FLIR infrared camera

- FAA licensed Drone for ariel and roof inspections

- Carbon Monoxide reading at time of Inspection

- Laser radiation heat sensor

- Wallabot 3D scan of walls

- Radon testing charcoal cannisters

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