This is Our Story

Inspection Monkey has been created by John "Jack"  Frank .  With over 27 years experience,  skill,  and knowledge you're sure to be given a thorough understanding and the experience you require. Jack is a proud veteran of the US NAVY where he learned all phases of electrical,  and holds a bachelors in architecture where he designed commercial and residential properties for Sunset Homes,  Inc,  gaining the knowledge of all aspects of framing,  heating,  plumbing,  and foundations. Jack has also sold real estate throughout New Jersey,  and has personally attended 300 inspections as a Buyers Agent,  working closely with many Home Inspectors and gaining and understanding through each inspection attended. Working on various home remoldel projects and learning "hands on" is the only way to understand a homes story. When you hire Jack,  you get the absolute attention you need and deserve,  an understanding of the property as well as the land which it sits upon. When looking into a home,  the structure and footing its on is the most crucial component,  jack has rebutted some of the top Structural Engineers in the industry as well as Home Inspectors for not evaluating the true issues that were uncovered in a Home Inspection. Its easy to defer to someone else,  but the finess lies in determining what the root cause of the issue is,  thats what we determine,  so our client can then make an informed decesion. Home is where you lay your head,  "every home has a story to tell,  find out yours"