What We Inspect


 Inspection Monkey does a very comprehensive home inspection is for the client who would like a thorough analysis of most major details of the home. It is an inspection of the home's major systems which caters to the client who is concerned not only with the systems that make the home habitable, but also provides a list of the many small items that may need attention after moving into the home. This visual home inspection includes over 300 items, from the foundation to the roof and all the major systems of the house including electrical, plumbing and heating/air conditioning.



 Basement or crawl space

 Interior and exterior walls


 Water heater

 Heating and air conditioning systems

 Electrical system

 Plumbing system and fixtures

 Porches and decks




 Fireplace and exterior chimney

 Interior and exterior doors

 Interior stairway components



 Usually we can arrange to have any of the following tests performed on the same day as your home inspection:


 Water Quality

 Air Quality

 Swimming Pools


 Alarm Systems


 Oil Tank Search

 Oil Tank Testing

 Lead Paint